The 100 Most Beautiful Restaurant – Around The World


Imagining a special eatery idea for your new business is no simple assignment. The best café ideas are ones that furnish cafes with an encounter they’ll always remember, yet advertise immersion is making it increasingly hard to convey an encounter that is genuinely novel. So what’s another eatery proprietor to do? All things considered, first you need some motivation. So we’ve assembled a rundown of 100 imaginative café ideas to get your expressive energies pumping.

1. Ithaa

Rangali Island, Maldives

The world’s first – and just – under the ocean eatery offers its visitors a 270-degree all encompassing perspective on the Maldives’ ocean animals, with a 14 situate limit.

2. Supper in the Sky

More than 45 nations around the world

Bring your eating knowledge higher than ever at Dinner in the Sky. This exceptional eatery, suspended 160+ feet noticeable all around, can oblige 22 bold coffee shops and three staff members.

3. Parallax Restaurant

Mammoth Lakes, California

Your extravagance snowcat chariot is standing by! This high-elevation eating knowledge happens slopeside at Mammoth Mountain Inn – 9,600 feet up – ignoring the snowcapped pinnacles of the Eastern Sierra scene.

4. El Diablo “The Devil”

Las Palmas, Spain

El Diablo’s cook top is out and out remarkable. Situated on a Spanish Island, this café prepares its suppers over a functioning volcanic opening in the ground.

5. Sur un Arbre Perché

Paris, France

Searching for a remarkable method to loosen up? Sur un Arbre Perché gives you only that, as you’re situated in a swing for the aggregate of your feasting background.

6. Signs

Toronto, Canada

A café supporting the hard of hearing network, Signs gives burger joints the one of a kind chance to utilize American Sign Language (ASL) to speak with their staff.

7. Norma’s

New York City, New York

Ever know about a $1,000 frittata? Norma’s imaginative breakfast idea accompanies a heavy sticker price, however in light of current circumstances: the frittata is made with one pound of lobster set on a bed of singed potatoes and completed with a heap of caviar. Be that as it may, don’t stress: you can likewise get a “shabby” form for $100.

8. Endlessness

Truskavets, Ukraine

Claimed by funeral directors, Eternity makes for a creepy feasting knowledge. The eatery is worked to reflect a real existence size casket. There are no windows, and burial service stuff is utilized as stylistic theme – even the menu is motivated by death.

9. The Disaster Café

Loloret de Mar, Spain

Searching for a historic eating background? The Disastre Cafe will convey, with 7.8 richter scale tremors recreated during suppers.

10. Demon Island Prison Restaurant

Demon Island, China

Ever feasted in prison? You can at Devil Island Prison! After entering, supporters are relegated numbers, captured, and fingerprinted. The eatery itself looks like a jail, with sliding prison entryways, metal floors, and iron bars. Visitors eat in jail cells, served by servers in high contrast striped detainee outfits.

11. O.NOIR

Toronto and Montreal, Canada

Experience sustenance, beverages, and discussion more than ever, by abandoning your utilization of sight. While feasting in complete haziness, you’ll be served by outwardly debilitated servers.

12. Ninja Dining

New York City, New York

In case you’re searching for a novel café in NYC, this warrior-themed eatery’s servers are dressed like ninjas that convey your request with a side of nunchuck stunts. That is unquestionably something we haven’t seen previously!

13. Aurum

Clarke Quay, Singapore

Feasting at this therapeutic themed café includes entering through a “funeral home”, being situated in a wheelchair at a surgical table, and filtering through a careful instrument cabinet to get your hands on some cutlery.

14. Forbes Island

San Francisco Bay, California

Visit this drifting island in Sea Lion Harbor for exquisite American charge, alongside perspectives on Alcatraz and sunbathing ocean lions. Worked in 1975, Forbes Island finishes off this special involvement with it’s submerged lounge areas and bar.

15. Rogo’s

Yas Island, Abu Dhabi

Cafes at Rogo’s are required to submit their requests on a tablet, which will at that point be conveyed right onto their plates through a 12-meter tornado winding.

16. Homewood Mountain Resort

Lake Tahoe, California

Appreciate peak eating at this built up ski goal, reachable by a beautiful ride on the Qual Chairlift. Each late spring cooks have a progression of Farm-to-Peak suppers on the peak, including tasty culinary manifestations and a bird’s-eye perspective on Lake Tahoe underneath.

17. Crude Canvas

Vancouver, Canada

From the outset, RAW Canvas resembles your exemplary wine bar and pub, however once you head down the stairs with your beverage close by, you’ll end up in a workmanship display where you can inventively investigate your internal Picasso.

18. Kinderkookkafe

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Keep running by kids (ages 5-12), this Amsterdam café plans to educate these youngins every one of the subtleties of working an eatery. Connected to a childcare, these kids become familiar with the little-known techniques as culinary specialists, clerks, and dishwashers – with some assistance from certain grown-ups, obviously.

19. The Five Fishermen

Halifax, Canada

Presently a fine fish café, The Five Fisherman was beforehand a memorial service home that housed casualties of the Titanic in 1912 and casualties of the Halifax Explosion in 1917.

20. Steam Plant

Spokane, Washington

The Steam Plant was made as a tribute to the modern unrest, enabling burger joints to feast in an enormous steam kettle while they are served top choices like Manila mollusks in Cutter’s Pale Ale, which is prepared nearby.

21. Relax

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

This cooler parlor expects benefactors to suit up in warm apparel – parkas, shoes, and gloves – so as to enter the Inuit-propelled desert spring. Inside, a complimentary beverage anticipates to enable them to defrost.

22. Supperclub

San Francisco and Los Angeles, California

This multisensory involvement in California incorporates uncommon sustenance, music, and moving, just as trial and vanguard live exhibitions. Furthermore, that is not all – visitors appreciate a four-course universally propelled dinner, while relaxing stylishly on white beds.

23. A380 In-Flight Kitchen

Taipei, Taiwan

A380 is demonstrated to take after within a plane, with fake oval-formed windows, stuff compartments, just as a spotted blue seats. Visitors are served by servers dressed as airline stewards – yet fortunately, there’s more than chicken and fish to look over.

24. Estate Escudero

San Pablo, Philippines

Feasting at Villa Escudero means getting a charge out of a dinner while situated at the foot of a cascade, feet submerged in calf-profound water.

25. Creepy crawly House NYC

New York City, New York

Zach Neil’s motivation behind his Tim Burton café was a blend of the visionary chief’s movies, the music of The Cure, and the craft of Salvador Dali. Paying “tribute through nourishment and drink to everything dull and flawless”, their mixed drink rundown incorporates a “This Is Halloween” and a “Coco Skellington”.

26. The Lockhart

Toronto, Canada

This mysterious Toronto bar has pulled in Harry Potter super fans since the very first moment, with its references to the dearest book arrangement, from its stylistic layout to its mixed drink menu.

27. Terry Bison Ranch

Cheyenne, Wyoming

All on board the lunch train! At Terry’s Bison Ranch you’ll discover a kind of cooking that you may discover looking at you without flinching. Jump on to crunch on a portion of Wyoming’s popular buffalo burgers while going through the prairies, with buffalo moseying along the tracks.

28. Kayabuki Izakaya

Utsunomiya, Japan

You can’t abstain from goofing off at this Japanese eatery. Creature Welfare endorsed, you’ll be served by a scope of five lovable monkey head servants.

29. Dick’s Last Resort

All through the U.S.

In the event that there’s one thing you won’t discover at this American café its habits. The Dick’s hold up staff procures a living by being rascals to clients – and they energize the equivalent consequently!

30. Yowl Cat Cafe

Toronto, Canada

This lovable Toronto kitty bistro run is by a mother-little girl group. While you’re getting your caffeine fix, you can helpfully play with some hairy cat companions.

31. Inhuman Sushi

Tokyo, Japan

The kind of food is all in the name; completely dedicated to the inhuman topic, servers dressed like medical caretakers wheel out your sushi, in the state of a body, on a gurney. They’ll utilize a surgical tool to make a slice to the “stomach area”, uncovering the scrumptious sushi inside.

32. Four Seasons Resort Whistler

Whistler, Canada

Take your après-ski to the following level with this heli-eating background. A helicopter takes burger joints on an ice sheet for an outdoors buffet with staggering perspectives on backwoods skylines.

33. Tongabezi Lodge

Livingstone, Zambia

These treehouse chalets, outfitted with candlelit decks that stick out over the Zambezi stream, enable coffee shops to encounter a nightfall supper more than ever.

34. Pay As You Please

Killarney, Ireland

Set your own cost at this peculiar Irish bistro. Serving straightforward charge, for example, pizza, soups, and plates of mixed greens, Pay As You Please’s novel plan of action sure brings individuals through the entryway.

35. High Finance Restaurant and Tavern

Albuquerque, New Mexico

To feast on this perception deck 10,378 feet noticeable all around, supporters must float 2.7 miles on a tramline, passing the tough shake faces above Rio Grande Valley. Toward the finish of the trek, they’re met with green chile chicken alfredo and New York strip steak.

36. Mail station Pies

Birmingham, Alabama

It’s not ordinary that you’d head to the mail station to get a cut. In the previous memorable Avondale post office, this unordinary pizzeria has earned a spot on Thrillist’s rundown of 33 best pizza shops in America.

37. Porridge Cafe

London, UK

While this was a spring up, the inventive breakfast thought that was the Porridge Cafe is as yet worth referencing in light of the fact that we’ve never observed a café idea so committed to sprucing up what is customarily an exhausting breakfast thing. Burger joints had the option to browse a turning menu of 11 grains, including buckwheat and quinoa, with fascinating garnishes like persimmon compote, chia seeds, papaya, and agave nectar.

38. Safe House

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

In view of the CIA meaning of a sheltered house, this “top mystery” café requires a secret phrase for supporters wishing to enter the foundation.

39. Barbie Cafe

Taipei, Taiwan

Authorized by Mattel, this bistro is a blessing from heaven for any Barbie darling. Detonating with everything pink, servers sport tutus, while supporters take in everything Barbie around them.

40. Strife Kitchen

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

This café serves just dishes roused by nations that the U.S. is in struggle with. In light of features of the day, as of late the kitchen was relegating North Korean nourishment, in the soul of Kim Jong Un.

41. Princess Heart

Tokyo, Japan

This Tokyo eatery makes their cafes feel like sovereignty: upon passage, clients are lead to a full-length reflect where they’re provoked to solicit, “Who’s the most attractive of all?” – before being situated in a position of authority and being delegated.

42. Sultan’s Tent and Café Moroc

Toronto, Canada

Bounce into the appealing society of North Africa in the core of Toronto’s downtown. Appreciate a night of hip twirling and gently prepared Moroccan toll, in the midst of the outlandish gem and zest shaded tones of rose parlors and Moroccan stylistic theme.

43. “So You Think You’re A Foodie”

Chicago, Illinois

Visitors are consistently in for an amazement at this Chicago café, seeing as they don’t have the foggiest idea what they’re getting until it’s served. Every month includes an alternate entire creature dining experience arranged by gourmet expert Brian Jupiter, however coffee shops just discover what will be served once it shows up on their plate.

44. The Elbow Room Cafe

Vancouver, Canada

The Elbow Room offers incredible admission, close by a bizarre component of astonishment: at whenever, supporters could be yelled out and offended by the bistro’s staff.

45. Niagara

Meguro-ku, Tokyo

Niagara offers a unique railroad understanding. In the wake of submitting a request at the supper ticket candy machine at the passageway, clients are situated in traveler vehicle style situates and conveyed their dinners by method for an engaging model railroad conveyance framework.

46. Napa Valley Wine Train

Napa Valley, California

This Napa Valley café takes celebrating to the tracks. In reestablished twentieth century Vista Dome vehicles, benefactors coast past vineyards in California wine nation, from the extraordinary limits of this mahogany-clad train vehicle.

47. Zauo

Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

In the event that you think you’ve had new fish, this Tokyo eatery will make you reconsider. At Zauo, visitors are given an angling pole bar and some goad, after which they’re advised to go fish.

48. Namale Fiji

Savusavu, Fiji

This retreat in Fiji gives visitors a chance to eat under a cavern passage on the edge of the Koro Sea. Decked out with tiki burns nearby the pumice, clients appreciate the amazing rainforest vistas while examining the catch of the day.

49. The Ledge at Skydeck

Chicago, Illinois

Solace sustenance arrives at new statures at The Ledge at Skydeck, serving well known Chicago profound dish pizzas from Giordano’s or Oysters Rockefeller, in a gathering of private glass boxes reaching out past the 103rd floor of Willis Tower with the city lights shining 1,353 feet beneath.

50. The Singapore

Flyer Singapore

Jump on the world’s second biggest perception wheel, offering steward overhauled suppers in private containers. Enjoy a four-course feast while pivoting 540 feet above tourist spots like the F1 Circuit and Collyer Quay.

51. Bazaar

London, England

While getting a charge out of some delightful Pan Asian cooking, Circus coffee shops are astonished with unconstrained exhibitions. Regardless of whether aerobatic exhibition, juggling, or simply some joking around, visitors don’t have a clue what they’re in for until it happens before them.

52. Tommy Guns Garage

Chicago, Illinois

Get reclaimed in time at this speakeasy-themed café. You’ll feel like you’re among any semblance of Al Capone, as everybody’s dressed daringly and flapper-ish as if they’ll be feasting with acclaimed 1920s bandits, before a music and satire appear.

53. Soneva Kiri

Koh Kood, Thailand

An unquestionable requirement accomplish for the daring burger joint. Visitors appreciate remarkable food while dangling from a home like treepod in a thick timberland over the amazing coastline of Koh Kood. Zip-lining servers go back and forth, serving a portion of the island’s most noteworthy dishes.

54. Bors Hede Inne

Carnation, Washington

Entering this completely Middle Ages-themed café requests that visitors leave present day contraptions like cellphones and cameras at the entryway so as to appreciate the fourteenth century-enlivened grub.

55. Clifton’s Cafeteria

Los Angeles, California

Initially opened in 1932, there’s nothing standard about this hip and redesigned eatery. From stuffed buffalo to a mammoth phony redwood transcending through the center of the café, California’s past is perfectly healthy at Clifton’s.

56. Fortunate Cheng’s

New York City, New York

A pioneer of the idea of being served supper by captivating drag rulers, Lucky Cheng’s presents a full Asian-American feast, with a side of a nightclub, satire and Asian move exhibitions by other drag rulers. This one of a kind café in NYC is a full eating amusement bundle that gets coffee shops talking great after they’ve left the spot.

57. The Santa Fe Opera

Santa Clause Fe, New Mexico

Kick closely following up a score at The Santa Fe Opera. Appreciate a vehicle side banquet of extravagant supper boxes, with flank steaks and spinach tarts, that takes up the parking garage three hours before the draperies open.

58. The Yurt at Solitude

Salt Lake City, Utah

Cafes are guided on an “evening snowshoe experience”, along a light lit pine timberlands, after which, for $125 an individual, a gathering of close to 24 visitors can appreciate a gourmet supper arranged by cooks directly before them.

59. Amangani

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

This Western-style cafe at edge top Amangani is a winter feature. Appreciate twilight vistas of the Gro Ventre Butte while going through the National Elk Refuge, before entering a warm lean-to where visitors track to a gala of unfenced wild ox, prime ribs and salmon.

60. Jekyll and Hyde Club

New York City, New York

Come spectator Robert Louis Stevenson’s “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” spring up at this English gothic bistro.

61. Fife and Drum

Accord, Massachusetts

This café in Massachusetts has taken jail nourishment actually, as all suppers are set up by detainees, as a piece of the Northeastern Correctional Center culinary program. So as to come feast, clients must go through security at the jail, where they can appreciate a prix fixe, produced using scratch supper, at the cost of $3.21.


New York City, New York

Solitary coffee shops celebrate! ICHIRAN’s point is to strip the eating background of every single superfluous diversion – including social collaboration – to improve the tactile experience of ramen-eating. You’ll be situated solo at what’s known as a “season fixation corner” to be left alongside your considerations and your soup.

63. Twin Stars

Moscow, Russia

The name says everything: this Russian café is staffed totally by twins. The sets are wearing indistinguishable outfits, while tending the bar and serving visitors burgers and pizza.

64. Casa Bonita

Lakewood, Colorado

A mixed mishmash of excitement with an eatery appended, Casa Bonita has everything from meandering artists to arcade games, yet the Acapulco-style cavern jumpers bouncing into the indoor cascade and pool is a group top pick.

65. Hajime Robot Restaurant

Bangkok, Thailand

No compelling reason to tip your server at this cutting edge Japanese eatery – all visitors are served by Hajme robots, completely prepared to dole out any thing from their 100+ dish menu, clear dining areas, and engage visitors with a move or two.

66. Harvey Washbangers

School Station, Texas

This “best in class” laundromat enables you to go get a burger at the café associated, while you trust that your garments will dry. Situated beside Texas A&M University, Washbangers is a hit among understudies.

67. Mars 2112

New York City, New York

You’re in for a really out of this world experience, at this interesting NYC space themed eatery in Times Square. You’ll discover costumed outsider hosts, Martian red lighting, joined by supernatural named food and mixed drinks.

68. Redwoods Treehouse

Warkworth, New Zealand

This case formed structure, arranged 32+ feet over the ground, is just available by means of a raised treetop walkway, made of redwood that has been processed nearby. The amazing setting is utilized mostly for private occasions, with a 30 visitor limit.

69. Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

All through the U.S.

With 16 areas around the world, we have the Oscar-winning film Forrest Gump to thank for this true to life roused fish involvement. Look at the eccentric menu names “Bubba’s After the Storm Buck of Boat Trash” or the “I’m Stuffed!” shrimp.

70. Feline Cafe Nekorobi

Tokyo, Japan

This bistro in Japan enables you to go through your recess with a couple of cats. Night visits are an uncommon treat, as visitors get the opportunity to observe the kitties devour feline nourishment in glass sustenance bowls orchestrated around a story light.

71. Messy Candy

New York City, New York

A café where vegetables are the primary fascination? This kind of cooking may not sound like a great deal of fun, yet culinary expert Amanda Cohen’s vegetable-centered eatery takes the veggie lover idea to its most obvious end result. Messy Candy is New York’s first vegetable-centered café in the city and “pioneer of the vegetable-progress ahead”.

72. Tonga Room

San Francisco, California

Venture into 1940’s Tiki culture at this kitschy café in California, where mixed drinks are served in tiki vessels and indoor thundershowers happen each half hour.

73. Poisonous snake Saloon

Tuscumbia, Alabama

Worked underneath a bluff shade, visitors at the Rattlesnake Saloon get the full understanding of feasting among the scene’s regular magnificence. The cantina’s Old West subject presents passages like “jazzed up sticks” and “chuckwagon nachos”

74. B.E.D

Miami, Florida

Who needs breakfast in bed when you could eat? The abbreviation represents refreshment, excitement, feasting – and you’ll get all three…in bed!

75. De Culinaire Werkplaats

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Eating and configuration entwine at this exceedingly applied café. Everything brought to the table is a masterpiece. Creators Marjolein Wintjes and Eric Meursing let their inventiveness stream in the kitchen, making dishes propelled by subjects like “genuineness”, “blossoms”, or “water”.

76. Honorable

Halifax, Canada

Concealed underneath Barrington Street in Halifax’s downtown you’ll discover Noble, an underground speakeasy-enlivened bar. Situated underneath The Middle Spoon Desserterie and Bar, you’ll require a secret word to enter, with another one being discharged every Thursday.

77. Palms Thai

Los Angeles, California

While Palms Thai presents some very appraised Thai sustenance, their charge isn’t their distinguishing strength. Rather, supporters visit Palms Thai to watch “Thai Elvis” play out his hits.

78. Perlan

Reykjavik, Iceland

Offering an amazing all encompassing perspective on Reykjavik and past, the Perlan tenderly finishes a full revolution like clockwork.

79. Desert spring Cafe

Chicago, Illinois

Who knew probably the best falafel in the Chicago is found in the back of an adornments store. Desert garden Cafe serves great Middle Eastern strengths for under $7.00, guaranteeing you’ll have some left over money to spend precious stone shopping a while later.

80. Present day Toilet

Taipei City, Taiwan Province

This idiosyncratic café began off selling chocolate frozen yogurt in compartments molded like small scale toilets, however then the idea took off, bringing about what is currently an all out washroom themed restaurant.

81. The Heart Attack Grill

Nevada, Las Vegas

Some of the time remarkable food accompanies a side of wellbeing hazard. Never has a café been more unashamed in regards to serving undesirable nourishment than The Heart Attack Grill in Sin City. Originator Jon Basso bears a “pack of slag”, that he claims had a place with a supporter who kicked the bucket of a heart assault at their café. Long story short: be careful the 10,000 calorie burger.

82. The Airplane Restaurant

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Bounce on board the 1953 Boeing KC-97 tanker, as a tribute to Aviation history, to appreciate some flight-themed menu things, similar to “runway crunchy chicken tenders” and “air tower nachos.” There’s only one catch – you never leave the ground!

83. Hachikyo

Sapporo, Japan

You would do well to come hungry when visiting Hackikyo in Japan, or you’ll pay. To respect the risky conditions Japanese angler experience to put sustenance on their plates, this eatery will in reality fine you on the off chance that you don’t complete each bit of nourishment on your plate.

84. The Magic Castle

Los Angeles, California

This château esque manor from the mid 1900s is known for presenting courses like strip steak and penne with shake shrimp, alongside a side of enchantment. To enter, burger joints must state “open sesame” to a shelf.

85. M. Wells Dinette

New York City, New York

Situated in the Museum of Modern Art PS1, in a structure that used to be a red block school building, M. Wills Dinette is a reverence to the area’s history. With regards to the eatery subject, burger joints are situated at work areas with plastic seats, specials are jotted on exemplary green writing slate, and gourmet dinners are served on tin cafeteria plate.

86. De Kas

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Michelin star gourmet specialist Gert Jan Hageman changed over this 26-foot high glass incorporating with an eatery and nursery. You won’t discover fresher fixings anyplace else, as those utilized at De Kas are gathered in the field at dawn around the same time you’re eating there.

87. The Bubble Room

Captiva Island, Florida

This electric café on Captiva Island is decked out with exemplary toys from the 1930s and 40s, with moving trains that circle every one of the three stories. What began as a little, one-room diner has developed into a multi-themed eatery, possessing each of the three accounts of the house it started in.

88. The Pointe Restaurant

Tofino, Canada

Coffee shops at The Pointe Restaurant in Tofino are honored with a 240-degree perspective on the beating surf as it collides with the stones encompassing the Pacific Ocean.

89. The Catacombs

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

A few stories beneath Bube’s Brewery in Lancaster, burger joints appreciate fine wines, neighborhood mixes, and exemplary rarities, encompassed by stone-lined vaults. Prior to diving to their table, benefactors are taken on a costumed guide all through the bottling works, with the alternative of an apparition visit.

90. The Sweatshop

Paris, France

What better approach to spend your caffeine buzz than taking a stab at sewing together the most recent in French design? The Sweatshop in Paris joins espresso and artworks, making your bistro relaxing knowledge more profitable than expected.

91. Desert spring Surf

Montreal, Canada

Get that pulse up so you can guiltlessly stuff your face! This Montreal eatery gives you an indoor surfing complex and café, across the board.

92. REM Eiland

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Appreciate a feasting knowledge 22 meters above water at this transcending ocean departure off the shore of Amsterdam. The café is open for lunch and full night suppers, inside the bounds of a previous privateer radio and TV station.

93. The Varsity Downtown

Atlanta, Georgia

Broadly known as the world’s biggest drive-in, The Varsity Downtown has been welcoming clients through their vehicle windows with, “What’ll ya have?” since 1928. On the off chance that their delectable hamburgers and French fries don’t prevail upon you, at that point their engaging vehicle bounces sure will.

94. Christon Cafe

Tokyo, Japan

This Biblical-meets-gothic themed eatery in Tokyo carries a strange sacredness to the feasting knowledge. What other place would you be able to feast under a cross with pine box formed menus while organ music plays out of sight?

95. Alinea

Chicago, Illinois

At the highest point of pail arrangements of numerous foodies, you’ll discover Chicago café Alinea. The sustenance takes on a genuine work of art, with menu things including ocean urchin and day off, has verified Alinea as number seven on San Pellegrino’s World’s 50 Best Restaurants.

96. Fortezza Medicea Restaurant

Volterra, Italy

Essentially to Fife and Drum, Fortezza Medicea is an in the slammer diner. Visitors are served by genuine detainees – fittingly – alongside plastic cutlery.

97. Trailer Park Lounge

Chelsea, New York

In case you’re searching for kitschy in the core of NYC, Trailer Park Lounge has you secured. Including pregnant brew chugging mannequins to lit up Santas and a non-working can out front, this scene has been considered the apex of white-garbage memorabilia.

98. Zingara Cucina

Melbourne, Australia

Zingara Cucina is victor of odd areas; from vehicle parks to laneways, scaffolds and exhibitions, this café has no fixed location and much of the time changes area.

99. The H.R Giger Bar

Gruyeres, Switzerland

This bar is connected to the H.R Giger Museum and gave to the Swiss surrealist painter, stone carver, and set fashioner popular for his work on Alien. Despite the fact that the H.R just serves liquor, the inside is out and out a visual banquet.

100. Bistro/Day

Shizuoka, Japan

This Japanese idea bistro has taken an interesting turn on great outdoors configuration, joining its inside tasteful with road traffic. The bistro is arranged on a previous parking area, with intense white traffic markings and black-top as unmistakable, expanding this casual space into the urban condition.

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